Data Integration

More Than Just Your EDI Partner

In today’s modernized business world, companies constantly intake data in the forms of text, figures, images, videos, etc. from multiple channels at a non-stop pace. With this wealth of information pouring in from all fronts, it all must be properly analyzed, categorized, and digested. To be able to communicate effectively with your business partners, it’s vital to have an effective way to merge information from disparate sources and relay it accurately and efficiently.

At Palmetto Data Solutions LLC, our team specializes in data integration. The vast array of information that businesses gather is rarely stored in a single database or format. Having an effective data integration plan is an integral part of building data warehouse systems or facilitating data migration projects. We provide our clients with comprehensive EDI solutions that consolidate multiple forms of data and relay it in a more meaningful, valuable way.

Facilitating Your Business Needs

As your dedicated EDI partner, we’ll work closely with you to find, draft, and implement a data integration plan the best fits your business network overall. With over 25 years of industry experience, we have developed an expertise in a wide variety of formats and systems, some of which include:

ERP Systems

Multiple Data Warehouse Systems






Multiple Shipping Systems


Seamless Data Flow for Your Business

Each format was created for a reason. Each one presents information with unique attributes, schema, and structure. On any given day, companies and their partners may be required to transmit data back and forth via a handful of formats which may include: 




Flat File


Contact our specialists to determine your unique data management needs. We proudly serve businesses nationwide.